The Last Night

Tonight there won’t be a crowd in Times Square and hopefully most Americans won’t be singing “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight in a bar or at a party because they know that 340,000 Americans have died of COVID and they are willing to protect themselves and others by staying home.

At this time last year I posted a video I’d created to accompany “Last Night / Auld Lang Syne” which Noel Paul Stookey and George Emlen adapted and  arranged with a new lyric.

Here’s to the last night of the old year
And to the new year yet to be
Yet before these days become
A distant memory
Old friend, new friend
Shall we gather here
And share a song to celebrate
This last night of the year (1)

In the video are many photos of friends and families having good times together.  Watching it can make you sad that these photos represent the kind of year that you didn’t have.  Most of us want 2020 to be “a distant memory” as soon as possible.  Although the photos don’t depict the year we’ve had, I offer this video and “song to celebrate / This last night of the year.”  May 2021 be a happier, healthier year for our country and for you and your loved ones!

(1)“Last Night / Auld Lang Syne,” Adapted & arranged with new lyric Noel Paul Stookey / George Emlen, © 2018 Neworld Publishing ASCAP and recorded on Somethin’ Special by Noel Paul Stookey